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Argostoli Area



Argostoli is the capital city of Cephalonia and surrounded by dense vegetation and water, offering a unique combination of mountain and sea. Argostoli was destroyed by the 7.2 Richter earthquake, which caused the loss of many lives, while uplifted the whole island by 60 cm. Over the years the island got the most secure building conditions and it turned to a scenic city ideal for family holidays.

Argostoli Central Square

The center is the Vallianos square, next there is the Napier garden, and towards Lithostroto street with many shops, island’s guests enjoy careless walks and eventually get to the palm beach, continuing to the refreshing area of Koutavos lake.

Kefalonian Buses

The company of KEFALONIA BUSES (KTEL Kefalonias) is in the field of transportation for over 50 years and has 42 interurban and 5 city buses, connecting Argostoli with all the villages of Kefalonia and also all our main stations in Argostoli, Lixouri, Sami, Ithaca and Poros with the city of Patra & Athens.

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