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Eliou Pronnon Area

Ragia-Poros beach at Poros Kefalonia

Ragia-Poros beach

Ragia is a beach with white small pebbles like the most beaches of Poros. Its purity with shallow and clear waters is the main characteristic that constantly offers the terrific blue flag.

“Kefalonian Buses” take you exactly next to the beach.

Skala beach at Kefalonia

Skala Beach

Skala is one of the main touristic attraction pole. You must visit it’s 3km long blue-flag awarded beach. It’s crystal clean waters combined with the organized watersports (water games) will make your time there unforgettable. Along the beach there are restaurants and cafes which can satisfy all you needs.

“Kefalonian Buses” take you exactly next to the beach.

Katelios Beach at Kefalonia

Katelios Beach

The peaceful Katelios beach is large, it combines sand and pebble and offers an ideal choice to enjoy your morning coffee, continuing with your swim at the sea and ending up with your meal at the local (area’s) restaurants.

“Kefalonian Buses” take you exactly next to the beach.

The Mycenaean tholos tomb of Tzanata

The most important tholos tomb of Western Greece is located in Tzanata of Poros. The archeological research proven the tomb as lordly because of its rich findings. Apparently, the tholos tomb covered nobles and dignitaries indicating the area was a developed Mycenaean center. You can witness the founding at the Archeological museum of Argostoli.

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Church of Virgin Mary Lagouvarda in Markopoulo (Fidiotissa or Fidousa)

In Markopoulo village of Cephalonia lies the church of Virgin Mary (Fidousa), one of the island’s most famous temples, from 6th to 16th of August each year small harmless snakes make their appearance behind the church. Wondering at the temple’s area they are visible to the visitors, to enjoy the spectacle. The specific date is of great importance for Greeks, since they celebrate Virgin Mary with grace and festive. The little serpents have on their head four black dots that form a cross and according to the legend these snakes were the monastery’s nuns (monks) that after prayers to Virgin Mary for salvation were transformed into snakes in order to be protected from the pirates. The appearance of the snakes is a good sign, since in 1953 that the island was struck by the destructive earthquake, these snakes did not appear at all.

Port of Poros at Kefalonia


The picturesque seaside settlement of Poros, 40km from Argostoli, connects Cephalonia with the rest of Greece via transportation. Reaching Poros you will enjoy unique beauty scenery, with graphical houses within dense vegetation in contrast with the blue element of the sea.

Skala beach at Kefalonia


Skala is one of the most touristic destinations of the island. It’s 38km far from Argostoli and towards it’s long beach the guests can visit the Ancient Roman Villa and the ruins of Old Skala. From morning till nightfall there are restaurants along the beach (seaside-coastline).

Kateleios beach at Kefalonia


8km before Skala you can find the small fishing village of Katelios. You can cross it even by foot next to the seaside. Along the village there are restaurants and café-bars.

The Roman Villa in Skala

At the area of Skala, lies the roman villa which was found aback in 1957 and it dates to the second A.D. century. Nowadays there are 6 rooms maintained and visitors can admire the mosaic colorful floors

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